My Dog Ate Raw Bacon – What Should I Do Now?

Dog owners are always looking for ways to make their pup happy. 

That’s why many people try new foods on their dogs, even though they might be unsafe. 

Some of these foods include raw bacon and sausage. 

But what if your dog ate raw bacon? What should you do now? Are there any risks associated with eating raw bacon? 

We will answer all of your questions in this blog post!

Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon Fat?

Raw bacon fat is the perfect fuel for your dog while they are on their morning leash walk. 

But, feeding a kilo of bacon to your dog may not be a good idea. 

Your pet may pick up some bacteria or viruses from raw meat when it’s exposed to rotten meat or animal feces on the ground…

Exposure of raw flesh chunks and/or bones can lead to choking, lacerations in the mouth, intestinal perforation (holes), puncture wounds in the stomach and intestines that can eventually lead to death if untreated.

Is Raw Bacon Harmful to Dogs?

Raw bacon is not harmful in small quantities. 

It’s important that you understand the risks associated with feeding your dog raw bacon fat, and how much of it they should eat! 

The risk factor increases as the amount of raw bacon consumed by your pet increases.

Saying “raw bacon is toxic to dogs” or “fed to a dog, raw bacon would be safe for this particular animal” is based on the assumption that all mammals have the same sort of ability to digest meat.

It’s easy to say that from a human point of view and close ourselves up in our little world. 

But my own opinion and what I believe happens at a molecular level when it comes to protein digestion… well, I’m not sure you can compare humans or dogs at all, in terms of how they process proteins.

A more accurate way of answering this question would be something like comparing pigs with dogs, and say that perhaps pigs can metabolize sugars better than we can (and so, therefore, a food made out of raw bacon would be more digestible to a pig than it would be for, say, a human).

If you feel like you have to give your pup some bacon every once in a while, consider feeding commercial products – these are specifically formulated for canines and will have a better chance of being completely digestible.

How Many Strips of Bacon Is Safe to Eat Per Day?

There are no hard rules when it comes to too many strips of bacon per day – so make sure to consult with your veterinarian before feeding them more than one strip or two each day! 

They will know what kind (or types) of food would be most beneficial for your pup, depending on their weight and breed. 

In general, dogs can only consume up to fifty percent of their body weight in food – so, for a fifty-pound dog, they can only consume up to twenty-five pounds each day.

Why Does My Dog Love Bacon and Sausage More Than Any Other Foods Known To Man?

dog eating

Adding bacon or sausage to your dog’s regular food is an easy way to help them get more protein into their diet! 

Dogs are omnivores and will eat meat if given the chance because it contains nutrients that dogs need for healthy growth. 

If you’re feeding your pup meats like bacon or sausage on occasion (as opposed to all the time), then there shouldn’t be too much risk associated with adding some smoky flavorings into their mealtime experience.

What Happens When A Dog Eats Raw Bacon?

This depends on the dog. Some dogs can eat raw bacon with no problem, while others will get sick or even die because of their stomach lining. 

If you have a dog that cannot handle raw bacon, but really needs the protein, there are many posts online that list diets for dogs including how to cook raw meat thoroughly. 

Cooking it either through frying or steaming should kill any bacteria present and make meat safe for your pet!

My Dog Ate Raw Bacon – What Should I Do Now?

If your dog has eaten raw bacon, you should call the vet! 

They will be able to tell you whether there is anything that needs immediate attention and what steps to take next. 

For instance, if your pup has eaten a lot of bacon fat but hasn’t been vomiting or showing any other signs that they’re not feeling well, it’s possible you just need to monitor them for the next few days.

You should also contact the company that it came from so you can ask them about the safety of their products – especially since some companies might use different preparation methods than others when processing meat for consumption by humans (or animals).


If your dog has eaten raw bacon, the vet will be able to tell you whether it needs immediate attention. 

The less concern there is for their health and well-being, the more time they’ll need to monitor themselves (for vomiting or other symptoms). 

Generally speaking, if your pup had one strip of bacon fat with no interference from humans – then that’s not as big a deal at all! 

If they’re eating small amounts on occasion without any changes in behavior or signs of stomach upset, then it’s possible this just isn’t something major.

Can My Dog Eat Cooked Bacon?

Dogs can eat cooked bacon just fine, but it’s not going to have any of the nutritious benefits or flavors that come with eating raw meat – so it might not seem like such a great treat for them anymore. 

As I mentioned above, adding bacon or sausage into their regular food may be an easy way for your pup to get more protein in their diet on occasion (instead of all the time).

Just make sure you don’t feed them too much because there still may be some risks associated with giving your pup processed meat products like this one – especially at mealtime.

What Raw Meats Can Dogs Eat?

Raw meats include chicken carcasses, beef bones without marrow, raw liver (no more than one ounce per day), and brains.

Safe Alternatives To Eat

Bully sticks are all-natural, hearty chew toys that many dogs go crazy for. 

These natural, pigskin dog treats have been used successfully as safe and healthy chews for decades. 

Peanut butter is a favorite treat for most dogs. 

Just make sure you choose one of the brands free from xylitol or sugar alcohols because those can be toxic and fatal to animals, even in small doses! 

And since peanut butter is so sticky, rub it on some part of your furniture or rug before giving it to your pet and they’ll lick off ANY stray pieces when they finish their treats.

String cheese is a good alternative to bacon because it’s made of mostly cow’s milk (a lot healthier than pork) and dogs love the taste. The only downside is that you have to be careful with giving your pup too many string cheeses; they’re still high in fat no matter how safe they are for them!

Alpo Prime Cuts canned dog food has 27% real beef and features a meaty, savory flavor dogs drool over. This is one mealtime experience that will please both you AND your pet – not something exclusive just for humans who enjoy hearty flavors like this while eating out at restaurants or cooking dinner at home.


The most important thing to do if your dog ate raw bacon is to consult with a vet and determine whether or not other measures need to be taken.

You may want to consider giving your pup commercial treats in place of cooked bacon because these are specifically formulated for canine digestion and will have more chances of being completely digestible!

In general, dogs cannot consume over fifty percent of their body weight each day- so make sure to take this into account before feeding too many strips at once.

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