What To Do If Your Dog Ate Goose Poop?

I was walking my dog this morning when I heard a loud honk! 

My dog looked up and bolted after the goose so fast that he didn’t even notice my plea to stop. 

Whoops! It turns out my dog ate some of the goose poop left behind by our feathered friend. 

What should I do? I’m glad you asked! Let’s talk about what to do when your dog eats goose poop.

Can Dogs Eat Goose Poop?

dog about to eat poop

No, dogs cannot eat goose poop. 

The goose has likely ingested a number of things that are not good for the dog to ingest as well!

Goose poop is known to contain the parasite Echinococcus granulosus, which can cause an infection in the dog. 

This parasitic disease sucks blood from your dog and can be fatal if untreated. It also causes lesions in your dog’s organs and on their skin. 

The best way to prevent this disease is by keeping your dog away from goose droppings altogether! 

The dietary and medical information for animals is not the same as that for human beings. 

To understand what foods are safe or unsafe, pet owners should consult their veterinarian.

If pets ingest too much protein, they could get an upset stomach from overloading their digestive system with one type of nutrient. 

Gooses ingest a lot of protein in order to help build muscle so it isn’t clear how much would be okay for your pup to eat!

Why Do Dogs Like Eating Geese Poop?

Dogs like eating geese poop because it contains a high amount of protein.

Dogs are scavengers by nature, which means they will often try to eat anything they can find from cats and birds to rocks and feces (yes, really). 

Depending on where the geese have been foraging, the droppings might reveal what type of surface (grass? dirt? gravel?) as well as what the bird has been feeding on. 

This is why hunters feed dogs before working off an area. 

The poo acts as a natural tracking device that reveals not only how many geese have left their mark behind but also what types of plants they’ve eaten or where they were last hunting.

Will Goose Poop Hurt My Dog?

poop on ground

Goose poop is not toxic to most animals but can irritate the skin and make many dogs uncomfortable. 

Some dogs may be allergic to goose poop. It usually causes a reaction on their paws and nose, if they ingest it or come into contact with it externally; resulting in itchiness, redness, swelling, and sometimes hair loss. 

Icing the paw helps reduce inflammation and relieves pain. It’s always best to consult your vet first before using any home remedies for dog allergies!

What Happens When A Dog Eats Goose Poop?

If a dog eats too much goose poop, it can cause severe stomach and colon cramping (severe enough to cause death). 

The typical symptoms of this would be vomiting and suddenly stopping eating long before they are feeling hungry again. 

It does not sound at all normal for a dog that has stopped eating to keep begging for food. 

If it is puking or has diarrhea your dog definitely needs professional vet care ASAP!

What Happens After My Dog Eats Goose Poop?

After a dog eats goose poop, they often experience symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. 

The reason for this is that the dog’s stomach interprets the gross foreign substance as an invader. 

To protect themselves, they vomit up all of what they ate and their own feces to cleanse themselves of the poop toxins. 

Sometimes when a dog vomits any undigested food into its digestive tract after eating poop it can ferment and begin to produce gas leading to uncomfortable bouts of flatulence.

My Dog Ate Goose Poop – What Should I Do Now?

First, rule out any other substances that your dog may have eaten. 

It’s very unlikely that dogs will be able to eat goose poop and nothing else unless they’re scavenging in an area where geese defecate.

Next, most of the time if a dog does get into ordure it won’t ingest enough to cause them harm.

However, there are possible risks associated with pets eating the droppings due to exposure to viruses or bacteria like E-Coli.

All of these risks are more likely to become a problem for younger puppies who haven’t been weaned yet (1-2 months old) and who still have immature immunity which isn’t as strong a defense against bacteria and parasites as Adults.

A few things you should do to help your pup if they ate goose poop are:

1. Pick the dog up and bring them into a cool place. You can also try laying down some ice on their paws which will reduce inflammation and soothe pain too!

2. Try giving them water or milk as soon as you notice that something is wrong with your pup. The sooner they drink something, the less dehydrated your pup will be in general.

3. Try to see if your dog is eating/drinking to make sure that your pup’s stomach isn’t having any issues with digestion! If your pet isn’t able to keep anything down or has diarrhea then it might mean they’re experiencing an infection caused by a parasite.

4. If your pup is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has an upset stomach then you need to take your dog to the vet right away! The sooner your dog can be examined by a veterinarian for parasites and other possible infections, the better chance they have of fighting off any infection that may cause your pup harm in their system.

Can Dogs Die From Eating Goose Poop?

It’s not impossible for a dog to die from eating goose poop, but it is improbable.

A few studies have indicated that the European waterfowl syndrome might be contracted by ingesting droppings of infected birds. 

In addition to avian influenza, duck hepatitis has also been found in populations of Eurasian wigeons migrating through Kazakhstan in 2010. 

This leads us to believe that the more potent strains of avian influenza are still circulating within different portions of Asia and Europe (as well as North America) and that they may very well infect wild birds or domestic poultry stocks closer to home, especially geese in Australia.

How Can I Prevent My Dog From Eating Goose Poop?

Dogs are scavengers by nature and will pick up and eat anything they find, so it may be too difficult to train them not to do this. 

The minute you stop looking for something the obsessed canine in your life will get it into his head that he should look for (and consume) that thing even more aggressively! 

One way to prevent your dog from eating goose poop is by feeding them food with more fiber.

Another option would be to feed your dog something else instead – like eggs or carrots.

You could also try adding sweet potatoes, bananas, or apples to their diet as well.

If none of these options work for you and your dog continues to eat the goose poop despite all efforts made then it might be time for some veterinary intervention. 

Consult with your vet about this problem so they can provide advice and prescribe medication if necessary.


Well, you’ve come to the right place!

You may be asking yourself a few questions. For example, “What should I do now?” or even more concerning for both your dog and you, “Can my dog get sick from eating goose poop?”

Let me answer these pressing concerns and many others that are sure to follow in this blog post.

I have all of the information about how best to deal with a situation like yours so please comment below if there is something I haven’t covered yet!

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