What To Do If Your Dog Ate Pizza

I was so excited when my dog ate my pizza – my favorite! 

But then I started to worry if he would be okay. 

Would the peppers burn his stomach? What about cheese and bacon? 

Fortunately, my pup is a champ. Here are some general rules for dogs eating pizza.

Do Dogs Like Pizza?

dog staring at a big piece of pizza

Typically, dogs like anything that is savory. 

If you’re specifically asking about pizza with sauce and cheese on it then they will probably love that.

However, I would be careful serving a dog too much pizza.

Can Dogs Eat Pizza?

dog eating pizza

Not recommended.

Dogs should not eat pizza because dogs cannot digest dairy well which is a major ingredient in pizza and the cheese that some people put on it. 

It’s the milk protein and casein that make this so, not lactose in milk since dogs don’t have an enzyme to break down lactose called Lactase Enzyme (hence it’s also why they can still drink milk). 

Some margarine contains substances for making these otherwise indigestible fats digestible to various degrees for dogs but any other oils or fats can cause upset stomachs. 

Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating Pizza?

Yep, especially if there are anchovies on the pizza.

Salmonella is actually quite a common cause of foodborne illness in both humans and animals and can be contracted from either handling the raw product or by eating undercooked meats, eggs, or milk. Raw tomatoes should never be allowed anywhere near a dog.

The good news is my pup didn’t have any of these symptoms. I was so proud of my dog and he really enjoyed the pizza. He’s such a go-getter!

Can Pizza Kill Dogs?

According to the FDA, it contains toppings that may contain animal products and therefore poses a serious health risk to your dog’s safety. 

Be careful of any sit-down pizzerias as they are more likely to offer toppings such as anchovies and sausage which could harm your furry best friend, especially because dogs are unable to break down proteins properly in an acidic stomach environment as everyone else can; so if there is meat and cheese on the pizza, then this is not good for Rover.

That is why some restaurants specify their offerings as “pizza without pepperoni” or “without cheese”. 

Pepperoni isn’t as thick of a topping, so eating what appears to be thin crust pepperoni pizza might not be as dangerous for your pup.

Is Pepperoni Pizza Bad For Dogs?

dog being offered pizza slice

Yes, pepperoni and other high-fat foods can cause pancreatitis or diabetes in dogs.

Though cooking and processed meats like pepperoni are often considered safe for dogs, they can lead to pancreatitis. 

It’s better if dog owners provide their pets with a diet that is high in protein but low in fat. 

Consider ingredients such as ground beef, liver, veal heart, and skinless poultry for the basis of your canine’s diet, and feel free to supplement with unpreserved bones that have not been cooked or baked.

What Happens If A Dog Eats Pizza Dough?

If a dog eats pizza dough, the digestive system can’t break it down. 

Pizza dough is very dense and difficult for an animal to pass through. 

While they might not have any issues digesting the cheese, toppings, and crust of a slice of pizza due to their high water content; the solid components stay behind in their gut because their bodies are unable to process them as humans do. 

Eventually, they’ll become impacted by this food mass because there’s no way for nutrients or anything else into their stomachs due to being blocked off from movement by this obstruction inside them. 

Dogs who consume pizza also risk choking from pieces that may stick in the throat or esophagus if swallowed whole or inhaled through puffed cheeks.

Is Pizza Sauce Bad For Dogs?

Technically, if it’s hot enough to burn a dog’s tongue, then yes. 

But if the sauce is warm but not too hot to burn a dog’s tongue, then it all depends on their tolerance for spicy foods.

If they have eaten other spicy foods in the past without any signs of distress like diarrhea or vomiting, and they have been known to eat things that are considered unhealthy like french fries in the past, then consumption should be fine. 

And even if you’re not sure whether or not your pet likes spicy food at all and this is their first experience with anything beyond plain boring dog food kibble, don’t worry about it too much since there isn’t really any harm that could come from them eating something that is too hot for them.

Is Cheese Bad For Dogs?

dog being offered cheese pizza

For dogs, dairy is not good food. 

The cheese itself can be OK for dogs to eat in moderation, although it has been known to cause digestive and skin issues in some canines.

It should be noted that when cats and dogs are consuming too much cheese, the protein may start to form an excess amount of calcium phosphate crystals within the urinary tract which calcifies the tissue within it, resulting in bladder stones. 

Symptoms of this condition may include difficulty urinating or straining while doing so with little success even after repeated attempts. This condition is known as feline urologic syndrome or canine urolithiasis (a type of metabolic bone disease).

The only way to really know if your dog will end up tolerating dairy or not is to just give them a little bit, and see how they do. 

If you notice any symptoms of discomfort like vomiting or diarrhea after eating it, then this might be an indication that cheese may not be good for your furry friend in the future either (although some dogs can tolerate cheese better than others).

What Pizza Toppings Should Be Avoided For Dogs?

Generally, toppings like pepperoni and garlic are not recommended for dogs to eat. 

These ingredients pose a potential risk of bacterial infection due to high levels of acidity. 

Additional toppings that should be avoided include onions, olives, and anchovies.

It would be best to avoid peppers, as they might cause upset stomachs for dogs.

Peppers can’t be digested well by dogs, so while some people may find them tasty on pizza that doesn’t mean they’re good for your dog.

Green tomatoes may appear similar in color to cooked tomatoes but they are much more acidic inside so avoid them as well.

All of these foods could make for a pretty unpleasant time at the vet’s office so keep your pooch safe by avoiding these risky ingredients!

My Dog Ate Pizza – What Should I Do Now?

If your dog has just eaten a few pieces of pepperoni or some pizza crust, they should be fine. But if they have swallowed a whole slice, then you may want to contact your veterinarian immediately for advice and guidance on how to proceed in this situation.

Sometimes dogs don’t show signs of distress right away after eating something that is bad for them, so it’s important to watch for any changes in your dog’s behavior.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, take your dog to a vet immediately:

Vomiting and diarrhea. These can indicate an intestinal upset due to eating something that is poisonous for dogs or it could be from food intolerance (like lactose intolerance). The latter would require a more intensive veterinary examination in order to rule out other potential causes that are more serious.

Increased thirst and urination as well as increased activity levels (both of which can be indications that your dog’s body is trying to flush out the harmful substance).

Loss of appetite or decreased interest in food. This could indicate a stomach ache due to something they ate and it will likely get better within a day or two.

Excessive panting, which may be an indication that your dog is having trouble breathing and will need to go to the vet as soon as possible (definitely call first before bringing it in).

Vomiting blood. If this happens you should head straight for a vet emergency room because this could point to a more serious underlying condition.

Blood in the stool. If this happens, it will be a sign that your dog has an intestinal ulcer and you might want to take them to see a vet right away because they may need medication for pain relief as well.

My Dog Ate Pizza Crust With Garlic – What Should I Do Now?

If your dog ate pizza crust with garlic, you should give them a tablespoon of milk per 10 pounds just to help settle their stomach.

Garlic is no fun for anyone, so if you notice they’re nervous and lethargic, things are going pretty poorly. Otherwise, offer the dog plenty of freshwater over the next few hours.

General Rules For Dogs Eating Pizza

While many dogs love cheese and even some types of veggies, pizza as it’s typically prepared in the United States doesn’t have anything that you’d want to feed your dog. 

It usually has high-sugar tomato sauce, cured meats (including pepperoni!), and lots of preservatives for delivery that are not only bad for them but also incredibly difficult to digest. 

What should you do if your pup wants something? Make homemade vegan pasta with tomatoes or make homemade peanut butter cookies from rice flour and white sugar! 

You can even use bones from cooked chicken or beef as a reward for them doing something good, such as going to the bathroom outside!

If you do decide to give your dog some pizza, make sure the pizza doesn’t contain anything that will make your pet sick, especially if they’re allergic to dairy.

Make sure the pizza crust is cooked all the way through, so your pup can’t get any raw dough to eat and possibly choke on it.

Keep your dog away from the pizza if you’re adding anything that could make them sick like onions or anchovies.

Try not to let my dog lick his lips while he’s eating the pizza if he licks anchovies on the crust.

Pizza can be a risky thing for my pup to eat but my dog is tougher than most! He’s such a champ and I’m proud of my little guy 🙂


So, your pup just ate some pizza. What should we do now? 

The good news is that it’s not always difficult to handle this situation if your pet has eaten just a little too much pizza – but it can be tricky if they’ve had enough pieces to make them sick. 

You’ll want to contact your vet as soon as possible so they can help assess whether any damage has been done and suggest treatment options (depending on how bad things are). 

If you’re lucky, your pup will just get a little sick and need to rest for the day.

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