What To Do If Your Dog Ate Ham

Is your dog okay? What if my dog ate ham? This is a question that many pet owners have. 

Luckily, there are some things you can do to help your pup feel better after eating ham. 

We’ll discuss the symptoms if your dog ate ham and what you can do about it.

Can Dogs Eat Ham?

We usually separate dogs into two categories – the ones that are omnivores similar to humans and the ones that are carnivorous fierce hunters. 

Because they are not strict meat-eaters, you should feed your pet dog ham as long as it remains in reasonable quantities. 

That way, you will provide your pet with much-needed protein without provoking its hunger and giving it strength for hunting.

When cooked properly, the ham should not cause any issues with digestion to a canine. With diet as important as it is, don’t deprive them!

What Happens If Dog Eats Too Much Ham?

picture of ham

It’s unhealthy for dogs to eat too much ham because of the high salt content.

Overindulgence in salt can cause serious health problems. Signs include excess thirst, vomiting, and an increased need to urinate, but also shortness of breath and a slowed pulse rate which may lead up to seizures or coma. Not good!

Ham Is Fatty

You don’t want your pup to eat too much of the ham because it is high in fat.

This can cause their pancreas and liver to become inflamed, leading up to pancreatitis or kidney failure.

Ham Is Salty

Dogs don’t have a high tolerance for salt and should not eat ham that is too salty.

If your dog ate ham, their stomach may become bloated which can be painful or cause the animal to vomit some of the food they’ve eaten. 

Your pup might also show signs of an upset stomach including diarrhea and constipation – but in serious cases, they may have seizures or even go into a coma.

What Can I Do If My Dog Eats Ham?

If your dog ate ham, he is probably just fine! 

If your dog ate too much ham or there’s any suspicion of a blockage, take him to the vet immediately. 

Otherwise – give your pup some water with rice in it or a few tablespoons of canned pumpkin. 

This will help with the salt intake and give a little relief to your dog’s stomach.

Your best bet is probably just waiting it out for now, as dogs can usually recover from eating ham on their own. 

Is A Hambone Safe For Dogs?

It’s not a good idea.

Hambones are hard and brittle, sometimes inflict scratches on the inside of your pet’s mouth or throat when swallowed, and can cause choking or obstructions internally. 

The list goes on. It might be safe for a dog to have one Hambone every now and then, but just like humans that need variety in their diets, dogs also enjoy other things to chew on besides just hambones. 

So give him some chew sticks for his “bunny” teeth! 

Or maybe if you want to indulge his instinctual urge to hunt, put a ring tied with string around an object like a pine cone where he can chase it as fast as he wants or try some peanut butter-covered pieces of rawhide.

Can A Dog Poop Out A Ham Bone?

A dog can poop out a ham bone, but it would almost certainly be painful and may cause bowel incontinence.

Hambones tend to have a lot of the inner part which is called the marrow left inside. 

This has caused complications in some dogs that ate them, especially when they swallowed pieces of the bone too large to digest or pass without causing trauma to their intestines. 

So for most people with dogs in their home, it is probably not recommended unless you want your dog running around in pain all day and night from something he shouldn’t have eaten!

What Do Vets Recommend For Dog Chews?

Vets recommend trying some edible dog treats for dogs who like to chew around the house or when left alone (what pet owners often refer to as separation anxiety). 

Unlike other dog chews, these are healthy and taste good so they don’t have a painful texture which can make it hard for many dogs.

Since these types of dog chews do change in flavor, your pup might not be interested in one kind of treat and this is why lots of options are available. 

Some treats last longer than others but if you need something that lasts, stick with chicken jerky sticks that come in different flavors and varieties- fruit flavoring like apple wouldn’t be ideal because some dogs won’t want those flavors.

One thing you should know is not all treats are safe for a dog to eat. 

Like my dog, if he eats too much of a certain type of flavor that might not agree with him – it can cause stomach upset and other digestive problems.

Final Verdict – Do Dogs And Ham Mix?

A lot of dogs love ham so chances are they will be okay! Just make sure your pup doesn’t overeat ham, as my dog did.

I hope this article was informative for you! 

Remember to also be careful if your pup is going on any kind of diet- just like humans – dogs need different nutrients and levels in their diets too so make sure he’s getting the right amount by reading labels or asking a vet about it.

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