My Dog Ate Some Dab – What Should I Do Now?

In the event your pet has eaten marijuana, it is important to know what you should do and how you should react. 

Marijuana ingestion can have a wide range of effects on dogs and other animals. 

The amount ingested by your pet can determine which course of treatment they need. If your dog ate some dab, you should consult a veterinarian immediately.

What Are Dabs?

Dabbing is a practice where the marijuana concentrate is vaporized and inhaled. 

You will find numerous videos on YouTube describing how to take part in dabbing. 

Dabs can be ingested by smoking them through a bong or used for consumption via dab pens or rigs.

How Does Marijuana Affect Dogs?

The effects of marijuana on dogs are generally not as severe compared to the effect it has on humans. 

However, there are several cases where animals appear to be more affected by this substance than they should be. 

Dab ingestion can cause your dog various problems such as abnormal blood pressure and heart rates which could lead to shock, coma, respiratory failure, and even death. 

What Happens If My Dog Ate Some Dab?

The effects of marijuana on animals depend a lot on the form it was ingested in. 

Dab ingestion is more dangerous than eating leaves or buds because dabs contain high amounts of THC and other cannabinoids. 

The only method of consuming weed that is considered more harmful to dogs is hash oil.

The symptoms of marijuana drug toxicity are similar to the ones humans experience when they take too much of any drug – marijuana included. 

In most cases, overt signs may not be present, especially if your pet has eaten small quantities at a time.

When Will My Dog Experience The Effects?

The time it takes your dog to experience the effects of marijuana depends greatly on their weight, metabolism, and whether they are used to ingesting cannabis products. 

Ingestion of concentrated forms of marijuana might result in severe intoxication causing problems with gastrointestinal motility (inability to move food through their GI tract), as well as changes in heart rate and blood pressure which could lead to shock, coma, respiratory failure, or death.

How Much Can My Pet Tolerate Without Severe Reactions?

This amount varies depending on the size of your dog and their sensitivity to drugs, so there is no general answer here. 

It is recommended to monitor your pet and check for the possible effects of drug toxicity after they have ingested marijuana.

What Are The Symptoms Of My Dog Overdosing On Weed?

The symptoms of marijuana overdose in dogs vary depending on the amount and form that your pet has ingested. Your veterinarian will be able to give you more information or a more precise prognosis once they have examined your dog, but some general reactions can serve as an indication that something may be wrong with your furry friend:


It is always important to keep track of what your pet eats when it comes to any type of poisoning, but it is especially important when dealing with marijuana ingestion because vomiting can help clear out your pet’s system.


Pet owners should not think that their dog will be completely fine if they vomit, because marijuana can cause diarrhea as well, especially in the form of dab ingestion. 

If your furry friend begins to have loose stool or any other symptoms after eating cannabis products, you should contact a veterinarian immediately for further instructions on how to proceed with treatment.

Signs Of Pain And Discomfort 

Pets may display these signs more than humans because they are less likely to mask them since they cannot talk about how they feel. 

Some dogs might whine more than usual if they walked around while being in pain from marijuana toxicity. Other dogs might drool without reason. 

The type of reaction that your dog has is dependent on the potency of the drug and how much it is ingested, so it is important to keep track of your pet’s behavior after marijuana ingestion.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Some Dab?

If you have seen any symptoms described here or your furry friend has overdosed on marijuana, you need to call a veterinarian right away. 

Your vet will be able to determine what type of treatment to use for your dog based on their weight and estimated THC (or cannabis) intake. 

The vet will also advise you on whether or not it might be safe for your pet to vomit to make sure that all remnants of marijuana have been cleared from their system before administering other forms of treatment.  

It is advisable to bring a sample of the cannabis that your pet ingested to make sure that it is not adulterated with any other harmful or toxic substance. 

If Your Dog Got Into Marijuana Edibles…

If your dog got into marijuana edibles, such as baked goods or candies, contact your veterinarian immediately for advice or treatment options. 

Since a dog’s metabolic system is different from yours, he may need higher doses of activated charcoal to absorb the THC than recommended for humans. 

Additionally, a dog may need to be hospitalized and monitored for several days.

If Your Dog Got Into Marijuana Oil…

First, you should ask yourself how much oil your dog ingested. 

If he only licked it off the table or ate a small amount, then you probably don’t have to worry about too much. 

The first sign of ingesting marijuana oil is usually labored breathing or respiratory distress associated with coughing and gagging that can take place shortly after consuming the substance. 

Vomiting is also common; diarrhea is possible but less likely. 

Depending on the amount consumed, your dog’s symptoms will range from mild sedation to severe depression and collapse requiring emergency veterinary care. 

See our information below for more details on what veterinarian treatment might be needed. 

If your dog swallowed a large amount of marijuana oil at once, what you are likely to see is extreme sedation with a depressed heart rate. 

This sort of thing may require emergency veterinary treatment depending on how much was ingested and how quickly the symptoms appear. 

Call your veterinarian immediately if your dog has collapsed or passed out due to ingesting too much oil in one sitting. 

Once he arrives at the hospital, his stomach will be emptied using an emetic (a substance that causes vomiting). He’ll then receive activated charcoal by mouth to bind the THC and prevent further absorption into his body. 

Depending on how much THC he consumed, your dog may need to stay at the animal hospital for 24-72 hours so that staff can monitor him for possible complications.

If Your Dog Got Into Marijuana Flower…

In a worst-case scenario, your dog could find a bag of marijuana flowers and tear it open to get at the buds inside. 

Even if he didn’t consume any, you should call Poison Control or take him to your vet immediately because even just getting into that package can lead to a trip to the veterinarian’s office for decontamination and observation. 

Again, this is very important for dogs – be sure they are under constant supervision when in their presence!

If your dog got into marijuana flowers either by eating the bud itself or the actual plant too, then contact your veterinarian immediately once you’ve picked them up off of the floor and called poison control. 

The first thing your vet will do is conduct a physical exam of your dog to see if he shows any signs of toxicity. 

If his heart rate is slow or if he’s not responsive, your vet will induce vomiting to rid his system of the bud and tell you how long to keep him there for observation. 

The effects from marijuana flowers can last up to 48 hours after ingestion so they may need to admit your pet into their hospital for monitoring during this period.

What Happens After I Take My Dog To The Vet?

dog with the vet

Depending on the situation, your vet will perform a physical examination and may order laboratory tests on your dog. 

If you have brought a sample of what your pet ingested, your vet will use this information to determine the amount of THC present in their system and how much they need to administer as a treatment for overdose. 

It is important to keep track of possible side effects once treatment begins until marijuana toxicity has been eliminated from your pet’s body.

How Long Does It Take Weed Intoxication To Wear Off?

Due to variations in size and weight of dogs, it is difficult to give a precise answer. 

According to some veterinarians, the time it takes for your furry friend to get back to a normal state can range from days to weeks depending on how much they ingested and their sensitivity to marijuana. 

Although it will take time for them to recover, dogs who have consumed weed are not in any immediate danger after ingesting cannabis products if they receive treatment as soon as possible.

What Should I Do Until My Dog Recovers?

When you take your dog home after receiving treatment from a veterinarian, you need to keep track of their behavior and make note of any symptoms that develop while your pet’s body is trying to eliminate THC from their system. 

You must try not to stress or excite them because this can cause them to relapse, which is not a desirable effect. 

If you have any questions about your pet’s condition, don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian for more advice on how to proceed with treatment in the event of marijuana poisoning.

Why Should I Always Be Prepared?

Medical experts say that up to 25% of pets will at some point ingest toxic substances. 

Although cannabis ingestion is not fatal as long as it is treated quickly and effectively, this does not mean that there are no side effects or potential harm from marijuana toxicity. 

Pets need constant care and supervision because they cannot tell us when something is wrong or whether they are experiencing pain when they consume toxic products such as marijuana. 

As a responsible dog owner, you need to make sure that your pet is always safe.

Helpful Tips For The Future

If you plan on using marijuana, please do not allow your pets to be around it at all. 

Although this substance is not as potent for them compared to humans and they are seemingly unaffected by their consumption of cannabis products, we should always remember that dogs can experience severe side effects. 

You will also want to keep an eye out for any changes in their behavior after consuming these products because they can cause serious disorders such as epilepsy or even lead to death if they have too much of it. 

Make sure you leave something away from them that you know isn’t good for them. 

You can use a bitter spray or put some soap to give it a bad taste because dogs learn rather quickly to not eat something if they do not like the taste. 

If you have any children and they are having a hard time dealing with their pets because they really love them, you will want to take extra precautions as well. 

Always keep in mind that these animals cannot communicate what happened with you so be sure to check on them now and then until it’s clear they’re fine.

Because Dogs Absorb THC More Efficiently Than Humans…

There are certain lessons to be learned here as well. 

While dogs and humans both absorb cannabinoids differently, dogs absorb more THC because it passes through them largely unchanged compared to humans’ metabolizing of THC into another chemical entirely. [Typically, about 10-20 percent of THC is metabolized in humans.]

That means that you should take a few precautions for your dog’s safety when it comes to marijuana: Store cannabis products out of reach, put them in childproof containers if necessary. 

Think about buying a pet first aid kit with activated charcoal and other antidotes to potentially prevent poisoning. 

It may also be helpful as a part of the care package if you have friends or family who will be over regularly so they can keep an eye on Fido while he’s around their stash. 

Have the number to your veterinarian’s 24-hour emergency line programmed into your cell phone so that when something happens, you can get help as quickly as possible. 

Take our advice – once you’re done meditating, put your used smoking paraphernalia in a safe place that your dog can’t access.

Also, be sure to clean up any spills or areas where an edible could have spilled because once the effects wear off your pet will want more. 

If you’re not home, they may be tempted to seek out these snacks on their own. 

Marijuana products are no different than other types of medications and should be stored safely away from pets and children alike.


It is important to always be prepared for the worst in case your dog ingested cannabis. 

There are many potential side effects and negative reactions that can occur if your furry friend has eaten marijuana or weed products. 

Keep track of their behavior and contact a veterinarian right away if you notice any unusual symptoms after such an event occurs. 

The longer you wait, the lower the chances become of effectively treating marijuana toxicity from your pet’s body.  

Make sure to have all necessary information on hand when visiting a vet so that they can begin treatment as soon as possible without missing any crucial details. 

If you are still worried about how long these side effects last, it is best to check with the veterinarian instead of guessing how much time might pass until your pet recovers.

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