Did Your Dog Eat Nail Polish? Here’s What To Do

Nail polish remover can be toxic to dogs, even though it is not labeled as such.

If you have a dog that drank nail polish remover and you are unsure what to do next, then this article will help!

We’ll go through some of the common questions people ask when their pup drinks nail polish remover and provide resources for more information.

Is Nail Polish Remover Toxic To Dogs?

nail polish remover being used by a lady

Nail polish remover can be toxic to dogs.

Although it is not labeled as a poison, nail polish remover contains chemicals like acetone and ethyl acetate which could cause serious effects on an animal’s health if ingested in large amounts.

If your dog has drunk some of the product then you should call your vet immediately!

What Will Happen If My Dog Drank Nail Polish Remover?

Dogs that drink nail polish remover may experience stomach pains, have trouble breathing, and show signs of liver damage or kidney failure – just to name a few side effects.

It is important that pet owners watch their pets closely for any indications of illness after ingesting this chemical substance.

Please note that these symptoms are most likely to appear between three and twelve hours after ingesting the nail polish remover.

What Should I Do If My Dog Drank Nail Polish Remover?

dog feeling sick because of drinking nail polish remover

If you notice any of the above side effects or your pet has ingested more than a mouthful, please call your vet immediately!

It is important to keep an eye on your pets as they may eat a second time due to stomach pains.

If this is the case then it would be best not to let them out in public without supervision for at least forty-eight hours following their first ingestion.

Even though it seems like common sense; make sure all drugs are kept up high where pets can’t reach them!

Accidents happen when we least expect so it’s always better safe than sorry. If you suspect your pet has ingested nail polish remover, it would be best to call the vet for advice.

The best course of action may be inducing vomiting with hydrogen peroxide (follow instructions provided) or taking them in for emergency care if they require professional intervention such as activated charcoal administration, stomach pumping, etc.

If your pet vomits within an hour of ingestion, or at any point before consulting a veterinarian, then it’s important that you make sure they have water available to drink afterward so that their body can stay hydrated throughout this process.

When possible give them small amounts of cool water to drink but never force them to ingest anything.

If your pet is too small or weak for you to induce vomiting on their own, or if they’ve already vomited and are unable to keep water down, then take them in right away so that a veterinarian can assess the situation.

In general, it’s best not to give pets any human medications without checking with a vet first because many of these substances cause toxic reactions when ingested by animals.

However, this also depends on what type of animal poison control center you’re contacting. If it’s an ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center phone number then yes; however other resources may only offer advice about how long one should wait before bringing the dog in for professional treatment.

My Dog Ate A Paper Towel With Nail Polish Remover What Should I Do?

If your dog ate a paper towel with nail polish remover, you should call the vet right away.

The good news is that some nail polish removers are water-soluble and will be in your dog’s droppings within a day or two of ingestion, but it is best to check with the veterinarian for specifics on what they recommend.

My Dog Ate Dried Nail Polish, Will He Get Sick?

It depends on if you believe the collected information from above about whether or not dry nail polish would cause gastrointestinal irritation which can lead to vomiting.

This applies especially when ingesting large quantities of nail polish as this could happen sooner after consumption than smaller amounts might do so even though we don’t know exactly how much was ingested.

Dry nails take a long time before they dissolve while liquids dissolved quickly once consumed so there may be a difference in time for the signs of illness to show up.

I Suspect My Dog Has Eaten Nail Polish Remover, How Long Should I Observe Him?

This can be determined by the size of your dog and how much was consumed.

The larger a dog is, the more quickly it will take for them to show signs of illness from nail polish remover ingestion, however, smaller dogs may also become sick quicker in this instance as well if they have ingested enough.

If you are not sure what quantity he has ingested then we recommend that you observe him for at least 12 hours before making any decisions about treatment options to see if there are any noticeable symptoms showing up like vomiting or diarrhea, if so please contact an animal hospital immediately.

Is It Bad For Dogs To Smell Nail Polish?

Nail polish remover is not dangerous for animals to smell.

It’s when they ingest it that the dangers surface, but as long as your pet isn’t drinking or licking nail polish remover off of surfaces he shouldn’t be, you won’t have any problems with him smelling it.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Drinking Nail Polish Remover?

In order to prevent your dog from drinking nail polish remover, you should do the following:

  1. Make sure that there are no open bottles of any kind in reach, such as on tables or counters. If it is possible for your dogs to drink them then keep them out of their way by placing them high up and covering them with something (cloth) so they cannot see/reach it.
  2. Use a tight lid when storing liquid polishes–this will help minimize access. It’s also important not to leave these items where pets can easily find and consume them if you don’t want this happening again.
  3. If you have small children at home who may be prone to spilling liquids such as paint thinner, acetone, etc., then you should keep these items locked up and out of reach.


Sometimes it’s difficult to know how best to deal with the situation when a dog has ingested something toxic.

The fact that they’ve vomited or are unable to keep water down can point out what type of poison, but not always.

If your pet is too small or weak for you to induce vomiting on their own, or if they’ve already vomited and are unable to keep water down, then take them in right away so that a veterinarian can assess the situation.

This will help determine whether medical intervention is needed, as well as treatment options.

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