What Would Happen If My Dog Drank Some Coca Cola?

Dogs are curious creatures and they will usually try to eat anything they can get their paws on.

One of the most dangerous substances that a dog can consume is Coca-Cola.

It may seem harmless, but it could be deadly for your pet.

In this post, we discuss what you should do if your dog drinks coca-cola and how to prevent your dog from drinking coca-cola in the future so that he or she stays safe!

Can Dogs Drink Coca-Cola?

Dogs can drink coke, but this is not recommended for dogs on a regular basis due to the high sugar content.

Just like people who consume too many sugars will experience negative health effects on their teeth and digestive system, too much of anything isn’t good for pets either!

It’s best to keep Coke as an occasional treat or reward when your dog does well in a training class.

If you’re noticing signs that they are having difficulty in any way after drinking soda pop, it may be time to cut down on how often you give them these sugary drinks.

Can Coca-Cola Kill A Dog?

picture of coca cola in a glass with a straw

Coca-Cola will not kill your dog outright if they only have one or two drinks from a single bottle; it may cause them some temporary discomfort but that’s all.

However, drinking several bottles could prove fatal, as coca-cola contains caffeine and other ingredients harmful to pets like chocolate syrup that are present in many varieties.

You should get medical attention immediately if you think your pet has had too much coke – there might be a change in their breathing, they might be disoriented and lethargic, or have an abnormal heart rate.

What To Do If My Dog Drank Coke Accidentally?

You should consult the vet immediately if your pup has ingested any amount of soda because there are many health problems that could be developing from having too much coke.

Your veterinarian will probably ask about how much they drank and what symptoms they’re exhibiting in order to diagnose their condition appropriately.

They’ll also need to get an idea of how long ago the dog had the Coke for treatment purposes and may even recommend some tests before prescribing medication that will help them recover more quickly – but this would depend on the type of symptoms they have.

If your dog has only drunk a little bit, then make sure to monitor them for any changes in behavior or moods because this is the time when some dogs will go into shock as their blood sugar levels drop drastically and may need medical attention before it’s too late!

If you suspect that your pup drank more than just an ounce of Coca-Cola, try not to panic but keep a close eye on them at all times – if they start acting strangely then take them to the vet immediately without waiting another minute!

Activated charcoal can typically only be acquired at veterinary clinics – so make sure you go there rather than giving your dog anything yourself.

It’s best if you know what specific type and flavor of coca-cola were consumed so the vet can prescribe an antidote that’s appropriate.

What Actually Happens When A Dog Drinks Coca-Cola?

dog drank coca cola and got sick

Coca-Cola is made of a variety of ingredients that are toxic to dogs, particularly the sugar found in it.

The effects will depend largely on how much they drank – if the dog ingested just one sip, they may be fine and exhibit no symptoms whatsoever.

On the other hand, if their stomach has been filled all day long with nothing but coca-cola, they may experience vomiting and a myriad of other symptoms such as diarrhea or excessive thirst.

The immediate consequences of coca-cola consumption include stomach upset and dehydration. If the pet is not taken to the medical care they may then have problems with their liver or kidneys which can be life-threatening.

If your dog was not able to digest what they drank and vomited up any coca-cola they consumed, this could lead to an even more serious condition called pancreatitis which can be fatal if left untreated.

If you think your pup has had too much coke please take them in to see a vet as soon as possible!

Signs That Your Dog Has Had Too Much Coca Cola

One study found that dogs who drank two liters of cola per day had a higher risk of developing pancreatitis and kidney disease than those who only ate or drank one liter per day.

The problem with sodas is not just how they affect your dog’s health, though; some experts warn that excessive consumption can lead to behavioral problems such as hyperactivity or aggression.

Dogs may also experience gastrointestinal irritation or even life-threatening ruptures in their stomachs. 

So if you want your pet to stay healthy and happy, it is best to keep them away from drinks like Coca-Cola.

You should also be careful about what you feed your dog and ensure that he always has fresh water available, as these are other ways in which a pet could become ill or develop poor health.

If your dog does happen to drink some coke by accident, don’t panic! It’s not the end of the world – just take him for a walk around the block and let him do his business outside so that he can get it out of his system quickly.

You may also notice some vomiting afterward; if this happens, make sure they stay safe while being sick (so put down papers on the floor) and then give them lots of fluids to help flush their system clean.

How To Prevent Your Dog From Drinking Coke

If your dog tends to get into things like cans of soda you should always keep them stored in an inaccessible location or use child locks on cupboards where it’s been reported that pets tend to find these items most often.

Dogs are smart enough so make sure you take advantage of this fact when it comes time for grocery shopping as well – never leave open containers around at home.

If you want to try an experiment with your pup that will help teach him not to drink Coca-Cola anymore then we suggest using bitter apple spray or something equally as unpleasant.

The best way is by spraying it on every surface of their environment – including where they sleep! This way he’ll associate drinking coke with feeling terrible which should make sure this won’t happen again soon enough.

It’s not uncommon for pets -particularly dogs- who are housebound all day with no one there to give them exercise or companionship, to develop behavioral problems such as obesity, anxiety, or depression.

One way to combat these issues is by giving them toys and puzzles.

But if you’re concerned that your pet has been drinking too many soft drinks (or eating junk food), try swapping their diet with healthier alternatives instead of trying to take away all the bad stuff in one go.

There are a number of healthy snacks for dogs that don’t include ingredients like caffeine, sugar, and salt; but may contain things like pumpkin puree, peanut butter, or apple sauce!

These treats can be found at most stores that sell dog products- just ask an associate what they have available for non-traditional doggie snacks!

Here are some easy steps to follow –

1. Keep your coke in a place that is out of reach from your dog. 

2. Put the cap on tightly. 

3. Place it high up, so they can’t jump to get it. 

4. Use a different drink for them instead.

Safe Alternatives To Coca-Cola For Dogs

in the case of soda addiction, carbonated water is a great alternative for dogs.

This can be given to pets by using an eyedropper or syringe and adding it to their normal drinking bowl throughout the day.

If you want your dog’s drink to have more flavor try mixing fruit juice with some regular tap water instead!


We’re sorry about what happened – we hope our guide helped you figure out how to help your pup recover from drinking coke so that everything can get back on track soon!

There are many different ways to minimize the risks for your dog and avoid a similar incident in the future.


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