My Dog Ate Nylabone – What Should I Do Now?

If your dog has eaten a Nylabone before, you know they are for dogs and not for humans.

Your pup may have found one of these chew toys in the backyard or at a doggy daycare and decided to give it a taste test. If this is the case, you need to make sure he/she doesn’t eat anymore.

The next hour will be crucial in determining whether or not there are any issues with the consumption of the toy. Keep an eye on them – if they vomit or show signs of distress, contact your vet immediately!

What Are Nylabones Made Of? Are They Healthy For My Pet? 

Nylabone makes edible chew toys for dogs and cats that are made out of resins (the ingredients in the products can include polyvinyl chloride, bisphenol A resin, BPA, and/or phthalate).

These products are not good for your pet if ingested, so make sure you keep an eye on any Nylabone type toys that you have laying around!  

What Does Nylabones Do For Dogs?

Nylabone has been making chew toys for dogs since 1955. The company claims that they are “the number one veterinarian-recommended dog chew toy brand”.

The company also says, “Nylabone chews and bones resist plaque build-up, neutralize bad breath, control tartar & decay and keep teeth clean.”

They provide items for puppies as well as established adult dogs. They have even gone so far in some cases to make items just like the real deal…for example a chicken leg.

So Why Is It Against Their Policy To Let Them Be Ingested?

According to the Nylabone website:  “Choking Hazard – Whole bone can be broken into small pieces.”    

And: “Nylabone products are not recommended for aggressive chewers as they may potentially be ingested.”

We can use some advice from other dog owners to help us with what we should do if you believe your dog has eaten a Nylabone.  One user recommends, “Call the vet ASAP! Let them know what happened and that you’re on your way. Keep an eye out for symptoms of constipation (lots of straining) or diarrhea.”    

“If there is no bowel movement by morning, call the vet and let them assess her condition. If she does have blood in her stool, take her to the vet as soon as possible.”  

We advise that you contact a veterinarian immediately if your pup begins to vomit or if they begin to have any signs of distress.

Why Nylabone?

The reason we picked Nylabone products for our own pet’s chew toys is that they are affordable and seem to last quite a while…all without making you spend much money at all!

If your pup loves chewing on bones (like most dogs do), these items will not only keep them busy for hours but also help wear down their teeth effectively.

This is especially important if you have older pets that need to lose some tooth enamel – especially because the enamel tends to build up over time as dogs age.

It is possible to prevent tartar buildup by grinding down your dog’s teeth regularly, which makes Nylabones the perfect choice in this regard!

Nylabone: What To Look For

We recently bought a new Nylabone for our puppy and we were amazed at how many different kinds there are available!

We usually buy the bacon-flavored chew toys for her, but this time we got an edible bone as well because she really likes meat….and we haven’t had much luck finding something similar in stores (most places just have regular bones/toys).  

At first glance they all look pretty similar…and the biggest difference seems to be between kinds that are edible and kinds that aren’t. It is important to find out which ones are safe for your pet to eat and which ones aren’t!

The first thing you want to do is check for signs of wear after buying a new toy or bone before giving it to your dog. Pets can destroy these things (they enjoy chewing on them), so always check for loose bits of material, broken parts, or other damage.

If there are any loose or torn pieces, you should call customer service right away and ask if they will replace them for free – remember you only get a one-year warranty, so you don’t want your money going down the drain because of a defect!

We recommend giving your dog a bone that has been approved by the veterinarian…and while you are at it, you might as well buy one that is edible too (they can be expensive, but they tend to last longer than the other kinds)!

As far as price goes – they are not super cheap, but we have found them cheaper online than in stores. The most important thing is to make sure that you and your pup will enjoy these new toys/bones before buying them!

We only want what is best for our puppy and we know that she loves her bacon treats.

If you have any questions about Nylabones or Dental Ropes feel free to call customer service. They seem pretty happy to help people out with their questions and are eager to hear about your dogs’ experience with these toys!

They have a lot of information (and you can always ask to speak with one of the veterinarians on staff). We think it is cool that they offer a money-back guarantee for any defective products, as well as help consumers, find just what they need.

We definitely recommend Nylabone if you’re looking for affordable dog chews that actually work…you really can’t go wrong! Remember – your pet is probably going to destroy their toy eventually – all dogs seem to do this no matter how durable a product may be.

Just check for damage before giving it to your pup and you can avoid having them swallow something potentially dangerous in the first place!

Can I Give My Dog A Flavored Nylabone? Is This Safe?

We believe that giving your furry friend certain edible treats (like meat or peanut butter) is definitely a positive thing…under the right circumstances.

While there is no proof of ingredient concerns with these types of chew toys from Nylabone, it is always best to watch out for allergic reactions and other health problems (in case you’re pup has never had anything like this before).

If you do choose to give them to your animal, please be aware of the fact that they may pose a choking hazard if swallowed (and be sure to monitor them closely in case this occurs).  

I’ve Heard Some People Say That Nylabones Are Not Safe For Pets…Is This True?

According to some pet owners, certain dogs have had allergic reactions after chewing on these types of treats.

A few also think it might be possible to get sick from them as well (although we could not find any proof of either one as of the time we were writing this article). It is important for you to make sure your furry friend does not over-consume his food or toys – especially if he has never tried something like this before!

We recommend speaking with your vet about ingredients and whether or not giving your pet a Nylabone or Dental Rope would be the best kind of treat for him/her.  

Are There Any Other Problems With Giving My Dog One Of These Types Of Bones?

If you are reading this because your furry friend has already eaten one, it might help you to know that certain dogs have had allergic reactions after chewing on these products (although we could not find proof that they were harmful).

Additionally, some pets may over-consume their food or toys if they do not realize how long these edible chew toys take to finish. 

It is important to make sure your pup knows when he should stop and what his boundaries are (especially if he has never tried something like this before)!

If you give your pet a Nylabone or Dental Rope and he vomits, consider taking him to the vet for an examination…it may be that he is suffering from an illness. 

It might also be possible that he swallowed his bone too quickly – allowing it to block his throat (and making him vomit).  

How Long Does It Take For My Dog To Finish One Of These?

Depending on the type of edible chew toy you give your dog, it will likely take anywhere from 3-20 minutes for him to finish it (depending on how hungry he is)!

Your furry friend shouldn’t be able to eat all of a flavored Nylabone in a small amount of time – but this doesn’t mean they won’t try.

If your pup does manage to eat one in a short amount of time, you will need to be super diligent about keeping an eye on him for the next few hours (especially if he has thrown up). 

You should also keep this in mind when taking them outside and playing with them – just in case they try to swallow something that might get stuck inside their throats!  

What Is The Best Way To Keep Them From Getting Sick?

Nylabone recommends that you supervise your dog when it is chewing on its toys and put them away so they cannot be a temptation for naughty puppies.

This goes without saying, but be sure not to leave your pup alone with one for too long. It may be wise to just give up the idea of leaving them out completely and just keep them in another room where they are less accessible.

One Nylabone customer warned others about leaving these around by saying, “They can easily break into pieces (some more than others) so be careful! You don’t want your dog to swallow a large piece!

I let my dog have one only in the morning when she is finished eating (I feed her twice a day) so that it’s totally gone before her next meal. If you leave them out, be sure to cut them up into smaller pieces if needed. They are great for teething puppies!”

Others report leaving these on the floor for their dogs and letting them chew away as they see fit – just being careful not to leave them unattended.

Some say that their fur-babies never even touch them.  This would certainly eliminate any of the risks, but it seems that they may be missing out on some benefits by not giving these toys a try…

What Are The Benefits?

Nylabone claims that “Regular chewing helps increase the flow of saliva, which is beneficial for good dental hygiene. It keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy.”

Another pet owner said, “Be aware that like any dog toy, it’s not a permanent solution to your dog’s teething needs. My golden puppy likes to chew on these right now while his little puppy teeth fall out. Once they’re gone he’ll play with them differently…if at all.”

This should be viewed as a tool to help keep your dog from losing their minds when they are going through the difficult process of teething – something which will pass in time. If you give one of these bones or toys for puppies a try…please let us know how it goes. We would love to hear about your experiences with Nylabone.

Do Vets Recommend Nylabones?

According to the Nylabone website, veterinary professionals recommend them.  A veterinarian even said these were great for particularly strong chewers.

A few years back Petcare interviewed a vet about this subject. A woman named Dr. Cole was quoted as saying “I have personally not found any cases where my patients, dogs or cats, have had problems with them (Nylabones).

If anything I have recommended them because they are long-lasting and help to keep teeth healthy by cleaning off plaque.”     

As always we recommend you follow the instructions on the box regarding how to give one of these toys or bones to your dog. You should consult your personal veterinarian if you feel unsure about giving one of these products to your pup.

Are Edible Nylabones Digestible?

Yes, they are digestible, Nylabones states that “The flavor of all edible products is safely sealed in with a high-pressure process. It can’t be released until your pet chews the bone and breaks through the outer seal.”  

At this time there have been no known reports of digestive problems or other issues from giving dogs Nylabones which were meant to be eaten.

Keep in mind that some owners say their fur-babies do not even touch these edible varieties – so if you want to try one of these…you should know ahead of time whether or not your dog finds their tasty treats!

How Long Does A Nylabone Last?

It depends on the manufacturer, apparently. One person who works at a vet’s office says that “the original-style Nylabones last about a year for most dogs.”

Can A Dog Be Allergic To Nylabones?

It is possible, just like with anything else…you may have a pup that isn’t able to eat something.

On the other hand, some pups seem to love their Nylabone products. One reviewer said “My dog loves these bones! Since she has been teething they are her absolute favorite toy!”  

Most reviewers say there have been no problems at all – even long-term users of this product say that it does not cause any kind of allergic reaction whatsoever.

Is A Dental Rope Or Multi-Flavored Bone Better Than A Single Flavor?

There is no real way of knowing which one will be best for your particular pet – so there is probably no right answer here. That being said…they both have their pros and cons.

According to the website for Nylabones, “Nylabone Dental Rope Chews give your dog a brushing within his reach all day long…Dental Ropes come in different flavors with each flavor having its own unique knotted design that will help clean teeth and massage gums.”  

The downside is that this style of bone tends to be more expensive than other kinds of products. The positive side is that dogs seem to love chewing on them!

A lot of reviewers say they like giving these bones or toys because they last much longer than traditional bones and treats…making them an incredible bargain over time. If you decide to go with the rope variety, please make sure it is the correct size for your fur baby.

A few people have reported that their dogs were able to bite the ropes apart and eat them, which is definitely something you don’t want!

On the other hand, a lot of owners say they like buying the pack with three flavors because it gives their dog variety…although some reviewers say this does not last as long as you’d think. Best of all there are no reports of allergic reactions in regards to Dental Ropes.

The downside to Multi-Flavored Nylabones is that some pups do not like everything in the package. This means you may end up having more than one bone in your home (which can get expensive).

These also tend to be slightly less expensive than the Dental Ropes.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate A Nylabone?

dog with first aid

What should I do if my dog ate a Nylabone? If your pup ate a piece of this kind of edible dog treat, you will want to keep an eye on him for the next hour or so.

If he has thrown up or shows any other signs of distress (especially after eating a flavored Nylabone), contact your vet and be prepared to immediately take your furry friend in…you don’t want to take chances with his health!  

What If My Dog Has Thrown Up Or Is Sick?

dog vomited

Please, if your pup throws up – contact a veterinarian immediately! Allergic reactions can be very serious and it is important to take action quickly.

It would probably not hurt to contact your vet as well just in case…you never know when you’ll need advice from one of these professionals! 

We feel that all animals should have clean teeth…no matter what their diet is like.

Nylabones may be a great way to help prevent those yucky tartar build-ups and keep your furry friend healthy over time (as long as you find the right kind of bone/toy).  

We recommend giving them a try!

Do Nylabones Really Have Flavor? How Do They Work?

Yes – there are a lot of products that have flavor. You just have to find the right one for your pet! For example, Nylabones tend to come in three flavors: Chicken, Bacon, and Peanut Butter.

These are available in several different shapes (although we like the original best!). The above-mentioned Dental Rope is also covered with flavor (and you can choose from multiple choices).

It is possible to get a flavored Nylon Bone that has no rope attached at all – this option is popular among those who want their pups chewing on something similar to an edible bone.

The idea behind these toys/bones seems to be that by giving them something enjoyable…you can help keep bad behaviors at bay. There are a lot of people who rave about the Dental Ropes…saying that it has totally cut back on their dog’s bad teeth-grinding habit.

We think any bone or toy that can help improve your pet’s dental health is worth giving a try!

Can Nylabones Break Teeth?

There are probably not many things dogs enjoy more than chewing on a nice fresh bone…including Nylabones!

After all – they just seem like big, crunchy treats to most canines. It is important to know that there are different kinds of Nylabones available!

Some of the edible ones may actually help grind down your dog’s teeth, while others may exacerbate a preexisting problem if certain considerations aren’t made (important info for any pet owner!).

If you think it might be time for your canine friend to start losing some baby teeth…it makes sense to buy an edible chew toy/bone and see what happens. Our little pup tends to chew on her toys all day, every day – so we saw how long it took for her to destroy the edible bone we bought her!

They lasted almost two weeks before she finally put a hole in one of them (we were amazed!).

Unfortunately, she also had a bad run-in with some sharp sticks at the same time – which may have punctured one or more of her teeth. The final result?

Our puppy ended up with a broken tooth and infected gum. So while Nylabones can work as ‘dental ropes’, they are definitely not fail-proof! It is possible that your pet could end up with broken teeth even if you give them these chew toys/bones on occasion.

What’s more important is knowing how to deal with this situation should it happen!

As any owner has probably realized, dogs can swallow things when they chew on something for too long. It is a good idea to make sure that you always have your dog’s medical records handy when they start chewing on a new toy…whether it be hard or edible!

If you experience any problems with broken teeth and/or gum infections (either during the first week or two of use or down the line), we recommend contacting your veterinarian right away.

They should be able to take care of this problem in no time at all – just be sure to bring in the Nylabone so that they can see what the cause was!

If you’re looking for ways to stimulate healthy tooth grinding without buying an expensive Nylabone product, there are some good options for you out there. Why not try giving your pet some fruits and vegetables to chew on?

Anything that is soft enough to bite through should work just fine, but give them a few sessions with these new alternatives before deciding which ones they like best!

The important thing is that you are helping them keep their teeth healthy and clean – especially since dogs can’t clean their teeth with human toothpaste!

If you’re worried about your pup getting bored, don’t be…they will always enjoy something tasty to munch on (and hopefully this will mean healthier teeth)!

Just make sure that the toys/bones you give them actually fit in their mouths so that they won’t choke if they swallow it whole (this happens more often than people realize, so always be aware!).


In closing, we would like to say that if you decide to give in to your dog’s desire for one of these products, please supervise them when they are chewing on it.

This will minimize the likelihood of any potential problems taking place. If you follow the recommendations on this page and be sure to keep an eye on them at all times, there is no reason why one of these bones or toys should cause any major issues!

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