My Dog Ate Bird Poop – What Should I Do Now?

Weirdly, your dog ate bird poop.

I know it sounds gross, but you can do a few things to help them get better.

First of all, don’t panic! Your pup will probably be just fine after they expel the poop in their system and have a good drink of water. If your pup is still acting funny or if they’ve eaten other strange substances before this incident, then you should take them to the veterinarian for further evaluation.  

This article discusses what else you can do to make sure your pup stays healthy and happy (and doesn’t eat any more poop!).

Why Do Dogs Eat Bird Poop?

They probably don’t know any better. It’s not something that a reasonable dog would do by choice, but dogs are notorious for their curiosity and they often get into things we wish they wouldn’t.

Some dogs just like the taste of it (eww), some might be trying to expel parasites or other foreign objects from their system, and sometimes pups will even eat poop if they feel sick and want to make themselves throw up.

Is Bird Poop Toxic To Dogs?

Yes, bird poop is toxic to dogs. It’s dangerous because it may contain parasites that can make your dog sick. 

The goopy substance also contains a bacteria called E Coli, which can do serious damage to the digestive system of your pup.

Diseases Found In Bird Poop

Bird poop can transmit parasites to your dog. These parasites can make your pup very, very sick. 

The most common types of parasites found in bird droppings are intestinal worms and coccidia.

Intestinal worms and coccidia are both highly toxic to dogs (and humans as well, for the record). Both diseases can cause mild symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting, but these problems usually don’t last long.

A dog with intestinal worms or coccidia may experience severe stomach pain and bloody feces in more serious cases. 

In some extreme cases, these bacteria have been known to cause death within five days of infection. The good news is that as long as you treat your pup promptly (read on for tips), they should be just fine.

Can Dogs Get Giardia From Bird Poop?

Yes, they can. Giardia is a parasite that dogs contract when consuming contaminated poop (like from birds or other wild animals).

It’s probably one of the most common ailments in dogs, and it usually causes diarrhea. 

If your dog eats bird poop and then eats grass that has also been contaminated with poop, the giardia will be passed through their intestinal tract twice, which can cause serious damage to their digestive system.

Can Dogs Get Salmonella From Bird Poop?

Yes, they can. It’s one of the bacteria that is often found in bird poop. If a dog ingests this bacteria, it could make them very sick and even kill them if there is too much exposure.

If My Dog Eats Bird Poop And Doesn’t Seem Sick, Why Do I Need To Worry About This?

Even though your dog might not show signs of illness right away, it could become seriously ill shortly due to other bacteria’s presence left behind by the feces.

Although the hope is not lost yet, you should still contact your dog’s veterinarian as soon as possible to see what they think of the situation and what kind of treatment or advice they can offer.

My Dog Ate Poop From A Bird – Is He Going To Die?

Don’t worry, it probably isn’t that bad. 

The best thing you can do for your dog right now takes them to the vet to get some IV fluids and help expel the toxins in their system. 

If your pup has eaten other strange things in the past (like rocks), then this could be a larger issue than just eating feces.

Symptoms To Watch Out For If Your Dog Ate Bird Poop:

dog in bed feeling sick

If you suspect that your dog has eaten bird poop, then keep an eye out for these symptoms:      

  • Vomiting and Diarrhea  
  • Loss Of Appetite  
  • An Unusual Odor Coming From Their Rectum  
  • Lethargy Or Sleepiness

You should see your vet immediately if any of these symptoms pop up! 

Be sure to tell your vet about the bird poop, and if you know what type of bird it was that pooped on the ground. 

Your doctor will give you the recommendation to treat your pup depending on what he or she finds inside them.    

My Dog Ate Bird Poop – What Should I Do Now?

dog with first aid

If your pup is showing any of the symptoms above, be sure to take them straight to your veterinarian. The sooner you get them treated, the better chances they have at getting well!    

Your vet will also be able to determine what else may have been ingested, and potentially identify those items so you can prevent your dog from eating them again.    

It’s much more common for dogs to eat poop than humans. And while it sounds like a funny thing for them to do, it’s actually pretty dangerous if they’ve eaten toxic poop or parasites! 

So if this has happened with your dog, just remember that the effects of their actions are only short-term, and you can help them get better by taking them to see the doctor immediately.  

How to Help Your Dog Get Well After Eating Bird Poop

There are some things you can do at home to help your pup get better, but if he’s still acting funny or has eaten other strange substances before this incident then you should take him to the veterinarian for further evaluation.

Here are some tips for helping your dog recover:

Give him lots of water

Give your dog plenty of water and try to prevent dehydration by giving him more than his usual share until he feels better. 

Make sure you buy your dog a big bowl because he’s going to have to drink a lot of it!

Keep an eye on him

Your dog is probably going to be very lethargic and will try his best to find somewhere comfortable to lay down. Try to keep him moving and active for a little bit so they aren’t as groggy or uncomfortable. 

If he does happen to fall asleep, just wake him up every few hours so that he can get some water in him and move around a little bit.    

If your puppy is exhibiting other signs of illness like vomiting or diarrhea, then you should see the veterinarian immediately.  

Ban other dogs from the area

The more time passes, the more likely there is that your dog will be exposed to other dogs who may want to play. 

If you see any kind of signs that they could transmit anything to your dog, then it would be best for you to isolate him from other dogs until he gets better. 

This is especially true if you know there are some parasites in his poop!  

Watch his diet

It’s probably a good idea if you cut off all their food intake altogether until he starts pooping again (you can give them water though). 

They won’t be able to pass out a lot of nutrients or calories through their poop; so they will need time to get healthy and start eating regular meals again.  

How to Prevent Your Dog From Eating Bird Poop

There are some things we can do to help our dogs from eating bird poop on the ground. It all starts with educating us! 

You should first learn what types of birds hang out in your yard, and familiarize yourself with the species that leave behind droppings. You’ll probably discover that you have a lot more bird diversity than you think!    

Next, if your dog gets any chance he or she will try to eat their poop. To make sure they don’t get many chances at it, just be sure to clean up after them as quickly as possible when they go outside. Be vigilant about cleaning up after them so they don’t have the chance to eat poop.

If your dog has gotten into bird poop and you don’t want them to do it again, then you need to pick up more diligently on a regular basis or get someone else to help you out. 

It will also help if they aren’t allowed access inside your house so that they won’t be able to find any poop there either! So go outside often with your dogs so that they can relieve themselves before they try anything funny.

If you’ve already cleaned up their mess, but your pup likes the taste of birds’ droppings – or just enjoys eating other things like grass – then consider having some tasty treats for them when they return from potty trips. 

This will help them associate going outside with something positive and hopefully get them to want to go often. 

You could also try making a habit out of always taking the dog out before you let them inside the house so they’re on a schedule, which can be easier than trying to alter an existing one.


That’s all I know about eating bird poop after ingestion. 

My motto is prevention is better than cure, so just try to keep your dogs from getting the opportunity to eat other animals’ droppings in the first place! 

It might not be possible with older dogs who have been neglected on a regular basis, but young pups should take some time for training before they start eating poop. 

My dog seems healthy and happy now (and he’s stopped eating poop), but I’ll still bring him in when we get our next vaccine and fecal test done to make sure that everything’s okay. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

Best of luck!

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